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Reviewings: a television rewatching community

[sticky post]Welcome to re_viewings!
one girl // orangerful
Did you ever want to rewatch one of your favorite shows but wish you had more people to talk to who were also currently rewatching?

Have you ever wanted to watch a show everyone raves about but you wished there were other people who just happened to be watching for the first time to?

This is your new home!

Each week, we'll post two discussion entries:
new viewers - a spoiler free discussion zone
reviewers - a place to discuss the series and reflect

Both posts will encourage discussion, plus we will share links to your meta, your graphics, your fan mixes, or anything else!

Our first show will be Gilmore Girls starting in November.

Here are some pretty banners I made, please spread the word about the community!



moderated by orangerful -- feel free to message me if you have any questions! (this is my first comm, so please be gentle!)

Discussion Post: 1.07 Kiss and Tell + 1.08 Love and War and Snow
one girl // orangerful
HEY! What are the odds that the Thanksgiving episode would line up with Thanksgiving week in our rewatch?? I swear this was not planned but sorta lucky, yeah? Not that there was much focus on the holiday, apart from Rory and Lane in their adorable Pilgrim costumes and Taylor harassing Luke about decorations. Still, crazy random happenstance, yeah?


Summary: Dean surprise!kisses Rory, Rory forgets to tell Lorelai, Lorelai finds out and freaks out then randomly invites Dean over for movie night and also Luke resist putting up any kind of Thanksgiving decorations.

Thoughts on that first kiss? Feelings about Dean then and now? Thanksgiving decorations - where do you fall on the debate?


Summary: SNOW HAPPENS! Rory ends up at her Grandparents for the night alone, Lorelai ends up with Max at her house, and Lane ends up in Rory's bedroom (after a hair touching incident) and also the town puts on a re-enactment of the "famous" Star Hollow revolutionary war "battle", much to Luke's chagrin (I don't say chagrin much, but you really have to with Luke).

Emily and Richard and oven pizza? Max and Lorelai, feelings? Re-enactors - where do you fall on that debate?

Share Your Favs // Poll Time
with the twilight but no flame burns
In the spirit of the revived Gilmore Girls love, I was wondering if anyone was up for sharing their favourite fandom things. Old communities or favourite fanfictions or the like. Rewatching Gilmore Girls has brought up all my fangirling from years' past. But as the show's so old and as LJ's been so deserted of late, it's hard to source all the old favourites. So, does anyone have an old recommendations? I'd love them. :)

Also, for the craic, a poll!

Favourite Rory Couple?
Rory/Other (discuss)

Favourite Lorelai Couple?
Lorelai/Other (discuss)

7 ways 'Gilmore Girls' got it women right
one girl // orangerful
Article from The Daily Dot about the awesomeness that is Gilmore Girls

Sadly, I will admit I put off watching the show for a long time because I assumed it was a "girly" show. I regret mocking my college professor who swore to me that I would like it, rolling my eyes that he thought I would like a show like that when I was a Buffy fan. I didn't know that TV knew how to many shows with strong women unless those women were physically kicking butt (or maybe I didn't know what an emotionally strong woman was unless she was kicking butt?).

What about you? Did you watch GG when it first aired or catch it later or is this your first time? What made you start watching? What clicks with you the most?

SIDENOTE: isn't it amazing that Alexis Bledel actually LOOKS 16 while playing 16? I mean, she was barely a teen anymore when the show started in 2000 (she would have been 19) but her features are so young. I've looked at shows I watched as a kid with "teen" characters and it's hilarious to see them and say "LOL NOPE! THEY ARE NOT TEENS!". Actually, I think whoever did the initial casting of those teen characters should have gotten an award because they not only got fantastic actors, but actors that looked the part.

Discussion Post: 1.05 Cinammon's Wake and 1.06 Rory's Birthday Parties
one girl // orangerful

Quick Summary: Dean comes back into the picture, Max asks Lorelai out, Sookie and Luke bicker, and Cinammon, the cat, dies of old kitty age causing the town to come together (and Lorelai to forget to tell Rory about Max).

Discussion starters:
Dean and Rory - thoughts? Are you a fan of Dean? Dean/Rory? Do you remember your first crush? Does seeing Baby!Jared distract you as much as me?
Max and Lorelai - What was your first reaction to Lorelai dating Max? What about Lorelai's concerns about Rory?


Quick Summary: Rory's birthday is right around the corner. Lorelai tries to move Friday dinner to Saturday, but her mother refuses and wants to throw a party for Rory on her birthday. Of course, Emily invites all of her own friends and Rory's Chilton schoolmates, making the party end in drama. Rory tries to make peace by inviting her to Saturday's party at home

Discussion starters:
Emily's world vs Lorelai's world clash again, even when they go to the shopping mall. Have you ever been to a party that clearly wasn't for the person but for the thrower?
Emily and Lorelai's throwdown near the end...old wounds not so healed?
Paris and Rory and Harvard.

Discussion Post: 1.03 Kill Me Now & 1.04 The Deerhunters
who am I this time? // orangerful

Short summary: Rory goes golfing with grandpa. Lorelai hosts an extravagant wedding at the Inn. Jackson brings Sookie blueberries instead of strawberries.

Topics to get the conversation started:
Sookie and Jackson?
Lorelai's relationship with her father vs Rory's relationship with her Grandfather?
Emily and Richard's relationship?
Twin wedding?
Kirk siting!


Short summary: Rory gets a D on her paper. Lorelai meets Mr. Medina. Mom and daughter study for a week straight, then Rory is hit by a deer on her way to school and arrives too late then throws a fit. Sookie gets a glowing review except her "magic risotto" is only "fine"

Topics to get the conversation started:
Paris and the Chilton girls constant bullying (and in view of a teacher!)
Lane and Rory's friendship.
Reacting to being graded - Rory's first D, Sookie's "fine"
Flannel scrunchies - which way would YOU vote?
Max and Lorelai?

ALSO: I EDITED THE SETTINGS TO ALLOW EVERYONE TO BE ABLE TO POST! :D If you want to post your own reaction entries, graphics, gifsets etc, you should be able to. Also, feel free to snag the episode images for your posts, just link back to re_viewings so we can get more members. :D

Discussion Post: 1.01 & 1.02
one girl // orangerful
Here is the discussion post for Gilmore Girls Season 1 Episode 1 "Pilot" and Episode 2 "Lorelai's First Day at Chilton"!!



In the comments, feel free to post your thoughts on these first two episodes or provide links to your personal journal entries you may have typed up. (Feel free to use the above graphics for your posts to help advertise the community!)

Also feel free to comment with links to fanart, fanmixes, gif sets, or other meta related to these episodes or Season 1. I will edit this entry to add links as the week goes on.

If you plan on talking about a future episode or incident, please mark your comment as a SPOILER so that anyone who is watching for the first time (or who has managed to forget because it's been so long) doesn't read it.

Welcome to Stars Hollow! :D

For review in November: Gilmore Girls Season 1
one girl // orangerful

For our first reviewing, we will watch the first season of the critically acclaimed show Gilmore Girls

Show info on Wikipedia (beware of spoilers)

Streaming on Netflix

Don't have Netflix? Check your local public library! Many libraries rent DVDs now, sometimes for free!

The reviewing begins November 3rd!

Please share these banners everywhere and encourage your friends to join! The more the merrier! (and if anyone wants to volunteer to make more banners, I accept!)