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Reviewings: a television rewatching community

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Discussion Post: 1.03 Kill Me Now & 1.04 The Deerhunters
who am I this time? // orangerful
orangerful wrote in re_viewings

Short summary: Rory goes golfing with grandpa. Lorelai hosts an extravagant wedding at the Inn. Jackson brings Sookie blueberries instead of strawberries.

Topics to get the conversation started:
Sookie and Jackson?
Lorelai's relationship with her father vs Rory's relationship with her Grandfather?
Emily and Richard's relationship?
Twin wedding?
Kirk siting!


Short summary: Rory gets a D on her paper. Lorelai meets Mr. Medina. Mom and daughter study for a week straight, then Rory is hit by a deer on her way to school and arrives too late then throws a fit. Sookie gets a glowing review except her "magic risotto" is only "fine"

Topics to get the conversation started:
Paris and the Chilton girls constant bullying (and in view of a teacher!)
Lane and Rory's friendship.
Reacting to being graded - Rory's first D, Sookie's "fine"
Flannel scrunchies - which way would YOU vote?
Max and Lorelai?

ALSO: I EDITED THE SETTINGS TO ALLOW EVERYONE TO BE ABLE TO POST! :D If you want to post your own reaction entries, graphics, gifsets etc, you should be able to. Also, feel free to snag the episode images for your posts, just link back to re_viewings so we can get more members. :D

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It will always bother me how obsessed with appearances Richard and Emily are. Like, how can you go through life caring so much what other people think of you? They stopped talking to their daughter because she got pregnant. How sad and small their lives must be. That said, I do like them, I just can't fathom enjoying that life.

Also, how Paris ever ended up friends with Madeline and Louise boggles the mind.

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