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Reviewings: a television rewatching community

Discussion Post: 1.07 Kiss and Tell + 1.08 Love and War and Snow
one girl // orangerful
orangerful wrote in re_viewings
HEY! What are the odds that the Thanksgiving episode would line up with Thanksgiving week in our rewatch?? I swear this was not planned but sorta lucky, yeah? Not that there was much focus on the holiday, apart from Rory and Lane in their adorable Pilgrim costumes and Taylor harassing Luke about decorations. Still, crazy random happenstance, yeah?


Summary: Dean surprise!kisses Rory, Rory forgets to tell Lorelai, Lorelai finds out and freaks out then randomly invites Dean over for movie night and also Luke resist putting up any kind of Thanksgiving decorations.

Thoughts on that first kiss? Feelings about Dean then and now? Thanksgiving decorations - where do you fall on the debate?


Summary: SNOW HAPPENS! Rory ends up at her Grandparents for the night alone, Lorelai ends up with Max at her house, and Lane ends up in Rory's bedroom (after a hair touching incident) and also the town puts on a re-enactment of the "famous" Star Hollow revolutionary war "battle", much to Luke's chagrin (I don't say chagrin much, but you really have to with Luke).

Emily and Richard and oven pizza? Max and Lorelai, feelings? Re-enactors - where do you fall on that debate?