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Reviewings: a television rewatching community

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Share Your Favs // Poll Time
with the twilight but no flame burns
nemophilist wrote in re_viewings
In the spirit of the revived Gilmore Girls love, I was wondering if anyone was up for sharing their favourite fandom things. Old communities or favourite fanfictions or the like. Rewatching Gilmore Girls has brought up all my fangirling from years' past. But as the show's so old and as LJ's been so deserted of late, it's hard to source all the old favourites. So, does anyone have an old recommendations? I'd love them. :)

Also, for the craic, a poll!

Favourite Rory Couple?
Rory/Other (discuss)

Favourite Lorelai Couple?
Lorelai/Other (discuss)

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I have no idea why the poll's not working, so discuss in the comments ...

The Lorelai couple is easy - LUKE ALL THE WAY! It's hard not to 'ship them from the very first episode.

Rory, on the other hand, is tricky and I think I'd just have to say "Other". She's so young and so are the boys, and they all really do seem like phases. I'm happy that the show ends with her future so open and free.

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