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Reviewings: a television rewatching community

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[sticky post]Welcome to re_viewings!
one girl // orangerful
orangerful wrote in re_viewings
Did you ever want to rewatch one of your favorite shows but wish you had more people to talk to who were also currently rewatching?

Have you ever wanted to watch a show everyone raves about but you wished there were other people who just happened to be watching for the first time to?

This is your new home!

Each week, we'll post two discussion entries:
new viewers - a spoiler free discussion zone
reviewers - a place to discuss the series and reflect

Both posts will encourage discussion, plus we will share links to your meta, your graphics, your fan mixes, or anything else!

Our first show will be Gilmore Girls starting in November.

Here are some pretty banners I made, please spread the word about the community!



moderated by orangerful -- feel free to message me if you have any questions! (this is my first comm, so please be gentle!)

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(Deleted comment)
I wasn't going to assign a specific date/time since it would be hard to coordinate. The idea I have (again, this is my first time hosting anything like this!) is to post discussion posts the week of November 3rd and let everyone post things there. If cool meta or graphics etc show up in the comments, I'll edit the entry and add the links. So, it's like everyone has a week to watch and discuss the episodes.

If we have a lot of fun doing this, maybe we'll do a live viewing together as a special event, like we can all watch the season finale together?

:D I'm just winging this right now. Will definitely be making adjustments as we go to figure out what makes the most sense. But I know I'm relatively busy, so I was hoping that having the discussion going for a week would give everyone time to watch and comment. :)

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