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Reviewings: a television rewatching community

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Discussion Post: 1.01 & 1.02
one girl // orangerful
orangerful wrote in re_viewings
Here is the discussion post for Gilmore Girls Season 1 Episode 1 "Pilot" and Episode 2 "Lorelai's First Day at Chilton"!!



In the comments, feel free to post your thoughts on these first two episodes or provide links to your personal journal entries you may have typed up. (Feel free to use the above graphics for your posts to help advertise the community!)

Also feel free to comment with links to fanart, fanmixes, gif sets, or other meta related to these episodes or Season 1. I will edit this entry to add links as the week goes on.

If you plan on talking about a future episode or incident, please mark your comment as a SPOILER so that anyone who is watching for the first time (or who has managed to forget because it's been so long) doesn't read it.

Welcome to Stars Hollow! :D

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Just out of interest (somewhat OT) how many episodes a week will we be watching together?

The plan right now is two episodes a week so that everyone has time to watch and post. This is my first time running something like this so if people feel like that is too much, we can change it. :)

That sounds like a great schedule. Downloaded it from itunes- count me in :)

Yay! I'm so ready! I'll watch these episodes soon. :)

(Deleted comment)
I went to school with so many Parises (Parisi?) but the writers deserve kudos for taking a character that could have just been completely unlikable and giving her this weird bit of charm. You love to hate her...and then you sorta love her.

Really enjoying the rewatch. The dialogue is as good as ever and I really love Luke being more of a wanker than ever in the first episode. He's probably the funniest bit of the whole show. Also, was Sookie always such a spazz? I don't remember that. Michel is amazing. I love his misanthropy. Rory's rather annoying in the first episode. Lorelai's doing everything for her and she's pouting over a guy? I know she's meant to be 15, but holy crap have a brain, child. Love Mr and Mrs Gilmore as always. Dean needs to fix his horrid fringe. Also, I swear Drella has a different name later on. Like Kirk/Mick.

I think Lorelai, Luke and Michel are my new favourite characters. Used to be Rory but I think growing up has changed that a bit. She truly acts her age.

Also, I now need coffee.

I feel like both Sookie and Rory got the most tweaked between the pilot and the actual start of the series. I mean, Sookie was too over the top in her accident-prone-ness!

My friend and I were talking in the car today how you immediately start rooting for Luke/Lorelai from the first episode, which doesn't usually happen with me. But from that first snarkfest, you know they could totally take care of each other.

I so did not remember Lorelai asking Rory if she thought Luke was cute, and then Luke getting all bothered about the guy asking her out. They really did have that stuff hinted from the start. No wonder so many people were rooting for them.

Sookie from the pilot and Sookie later on is such a difference! I'm glad they toned it down a bit. And the Kirk thing is a bit weird because he's such a presence later on but I guess that's how pilots work...

I always love to see the early days of Luke/Lorelai and see how much there already was from the beginning!

I think it's funny how some things from the pilot really stuck, and others did a complete 180. Like Luke clearly adores Lorelai from minute one, so that totally makes sense later. But Kirk being Mick and then Kirk not knowing Patty but then having grown up in Stars Hollow. I feel like at times the writers are great with character development and at other times really crap.

They're so cute!

This episode was so funny. I really liked the whole interaction of Rory and Lorelai, and the scenes at the inn. I think the inn really does have some of the best moments. The kids at Chilton are awful though. I never would have gone back to school if people had treated me like that. And the work load? I know it's meant to be a really tough school but HOLY CRAP. Also, Tristan is such a wanker, ugh.

Loved Lorelai's outfit, although it did seem strange to me that someone didn't wash clothes at home. Like, how is every outfit she owns at the dry cleaners? I think it's just another example of economics not matching up for a series. No one on an inn's salary could have that house, a kid, eat out every night, have a car, dry clean their clothes, and consider paying for Chilton. I mean, the reason she went to her parents is because they asked for the money up front, not because she had no clue how much it was going to cost over all. Surely she knew when Rory applied? Can an inn in a small town really make that much bank?

So many questions.

(Deleted comment)
Yeah, Tristan's way into her personal space. I don't like guys that treat women that way. What's up with the 'Mary'? I've never met someone that up their own arsehole. Well, I have, but not so blatant about it. There's no need for it. Although I do like CMM.

It seemed very fitting for school. The guy who bugs you but nothing ever comes of it, you know? Every show tries to make a romance out of every relationship. It's like Buffy and Xander. I'm forever grateful that nothing ever came of that.

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First time watching the show and I'm really enjoying it so far! Looking forward to more Lorelai/Luke. Also never knew that Melissa McCarthy was on this show! Love her!

I'm glad you're enjoying it! I love this show so much :)

Really enjoying it so far, brings back loads of good memories :) I love how this show is so family-friendly, it's perfect bedtime viewing. I love Rory more and more as I re-watch it.

I'm a bit late but I completely forgot to come to this post after watching the first two episodes...

It's always so great to revisit Stars Hollow and the show never gets boring or old. I love it so much. Even though I had started my own rewatch not long ago (but stopped somewhere in the middle of season three), I enjoyed these episodes again so much fun to meet everybody and I always fall in love with Lorelai again. Lover the banter with Luke as well :D

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